Minimum AC use, maximum fan use: advisory to tackle Coronavirus

An advisory has advocated restrictive use of air-conditioners (ACs) in residential and commercial premises while urging the maximum use of fans and exhaust fans with proper ventilation to check the spread of Coronavirus.

In his advisory to different departments, the Engineer-in-Chief of the PWD, recommended that the ACs should not be used in offices or be used very restrictively.

The ACs, both window and split, it said, should be operational in the vacant room in the absence of people to the cool the premises.

“Before the entry of people in the room, the AC must be switched off to avoid contamination through mixed air circulation by the AC. Thereafter, ceiling fan should be kept running with adequate ventilation,” the advisory said.

Stressing the need for proper ventilation, the advisory stressed the need for opening the windows for proper ventilation. It recommended against the use of portable coolers that did not draw outdoor air.

Advising against the use of centralized AC system, it feared that contamination could propagate inter-personally within room as offices were occupied by more than one person.

Similarly, in healthcare facilities, the advisory stressed upon more natural ventilation through opening of windows and doors.

The advisory noted that the virus spread due to droplets coming out after coughing and sneezing. It is highly infectious after these droplets mix with dust particles and set on different materials.

It said if the environment was cool and air-conditioned, these remained for a longer time.”

Proper ventilation and increase in temperature reduce the magnitude of the virus in that particular area,” it said giving rationale behind issuing of the advisory.

The advisory

*Don’t use AC or use it in vacant room only.

*Use fans, exhaust fans with proper ventilation.

*Don’t use centralised AC system.

*Say no to portable coolers.

*Use maximum natural ventilation by opening doors, windows in healthcare facilities.